Message from the President 2015

Hi Everyone!

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a great holiday season and a fantastic New Year! 2014 was a great contest season and congratulations to Mike Reagan for taking the year end championship!

We had the annual meeting after the Toys for Tots contest (which was a great event). I’ll just give you the basic rundown.

For 2015 the officers are-

Ali Khani,  President

Tuan Le,  Vice President & Treasurer

Mile Lee,  Secretary

Dan Borer,  Score Keeper

Terry Troop,  Photographer

I want to thank Andy Thonet, Edgar Vera, and Dan Borer for all the years of effort they have put into SC2, they have continuously stepped up to the plate to keep SC2 going. Thanks guys!

For 2015 we have made some minor changes-

-All contest rounds shall be scored 950/50 to keep things consistent. So CD’s keep this mind when planning your events.

-When possible we are encouraging all CD’s to try and schedule 4 rounds per contest so we can all get more flying in.

In addition there have been some minor rule changes so I encourage everyone to read the updated rules here.

Now the 2015 season is scheduled for 11 events, plus the Toys for Tots! That is one event every month in 2015!

The first round kicks off January 25th at Field of Dreams in San Pedro and will be hosted by DSH. 4 rounds will be flown, and we have the field till 3pm. I encourage everyone to stay and hangout at the field after the contest to do some socializing and fun flying, bring out your DLG’s, Heli’s, or whatever you want to fly! We will be having Pizza delivered to the field for everyone to enjoy, and we encourage you guys to bring some drinks and snacks to share with everyone. Let’s make this a family event, so bring your wives, kids, and friends! We will try to have some EZups and tables available.

So what can you expect in 2015? We will have a new modern website up and running sometime in January, we will be taking some videos and live streams from some of the events and sharing them on RCgroups, facebook, youtube and the SC2 site. All in an effort to get more traffic and interest in SC2! Photos will be posted more often and I encourage everyone to snap some photos of the action at SC2. I will make a dropbox available so that anyone can upload them there and I will post them to the site and other places.

We are hoping that an increased internet presence will allow us to attract new pilots, and hopefully some sponsors as well.

Tuan and I would like to have some BBQ’s and other fun things at some of the events. We encourage your suggestions and comments!

In closing I would like to say I will do my best to make 2015 a great year for SC2. I hope all of you are excited for 2015 and again if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to message me or any of the other board members.

Ali Khani

2015 SC2 President